Oct 17, 2011

Pretty Bird

Sunday’s harvest weather yielded a trip into the City for a fruitless visit to my 4th favorite Chanel boutique. Ah, SoHo. A neighborhood where you can find numerous $5K+ jackets on the racks but nary a roll of toilet paper in the bathrooms.

The name “SoHo” is said to refer to the district’s location: South of Houston Street. But I maintain it’s a Lenape word for “tinderbox” or “stuck up” – I’m not exactly sure which.

The area has a solid past as an artists’ mecca, but the rise of upscale boutiques (and the Kardashians) has turned the neighborhood into 26 blocks of serious shopping and champagne sipping all jam-packed into some very interesting and historically-protected architecture.  

Opposite the shop fronts, table vendors line the streets. Wares include the typical: t-shirts, knock-off accessories, souvenir prints of City landmarks, and this:

Yes, a finger puppet stand.

Where else but in New York’s stylish SoHo can you find so many fashionable, hand-crafted options to dress up your middle finger?

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