Oct 15, 2011

Got Your Number

This is one doozy of a pick-up and an all-around fantastic scene from The Manchurian Candidate (1962).

It’s probably the most bizarre introduction I’ve seen on screen. But how could it not be? Really, how else is a gal gonna get the attention of a guy with a touch of Delirium Tremens aside from kind of hypnotizing him?

One bit of trivia: Rosie's number, ELdorado 5-9970, was once a telephone company test number that would give a busy signal when dialed. Remember busy signals?


  1. we just watched that the other day!

  2. Yup. Last week was a good one to go fetal in front of TCM. Did ya catch "Rebel"? I thought about when we used to do "You're tearing me apart" at mommy.