Sep 18, 2011


As young Catholic school kids, we were taught that God is everywhere. The nuns would repeatedly tell us to always be kind to even the lowliest of souls as one can never know when Jesus might be "disguised" as a beggar or some other hard-luck character.

Good thing I had this lesson beaten into my consciousness, because it helped me prepare for a "vision" I beheld at the tattoo shop on Friday.

In fact, I snapped a photo of this ink parlor "sculpture" as I thought it was odd -- not because I recognized the plastic artist as anyone in particular. It was only after I photographed the second image during my afternoon walk about town that I made the connection.

I know times are tough all over, but come on. If anyone can "save" the economy...


  1. The model must be saying.."This is my body, which will be given up for you"