Jun 1, 2011

Fashion Model

Objects of my affection are usually just that: objects.

My habit of stalking inanimate goods was recently mocked by friends following the near-miss of a potentially injurious rubbernecking incident involving a vehicle storage facility on S. Van Brunt. In my own defense, I would like to point out how preposterous it is to suggest that my pursuit of things makes me “different” (and they do mean “different” in the “but we love you anyway way”) from those who, you know, stalk other people. Like somehow it’s more unusual for me to go from shop to shop to see if a certain handbag, necklace, or lipstick shade is in stock, than it is for them to wonder what a boy they kissed in the 3rd grade is up to these days.

My most recent fixation was the 500 by Gucci accessories collection. Since reading about the special Gucci Edition Fiat 500 and said accessories, I’d been on a mission. It took visits to four different boutiques, but I saw each and every piece. And each and every piece was just as impractical as the promo photos led me to believe they would be. It would require a fleet of 500s just to tote all the accessories around. How glamorous!

While I’ll never have the car (in all honesty, I don’t even know if it’s any good), my Nordstrom CafĂ©-fueled heart skipped yet another beat when I saw this adorable gal in the showcase of the Garden State Plaza Gucci store:

But it didn’t matter. After selling me a bunch of stuff that, strangely, resulted in a “suspicious activity hold” on my debit card (don’t they know who they're dealing with!?!?), the lovely brand ambassador informed me the model was for display only.

Have a heart, lady. Don’t you know I stalk objects? I’ll be back...


  1. You not only want that but need it.
    I'll be very disappointed if you're not displaying that some day.

  2. we have our ways of display only pieces finding their way to us...... :) we'll get you our pretties!!!

  3. Yes, yes, we will! Thanks again for the read last night...