Jun 19, 2010

My Other Car is a Tucker...

Just a quick pic to show how fabulous my weekend has been. Yep, that's me and the one-and-only Tin Goose. And yes, it did get better. Seriously.


  1. sooooooo.... tell us how it got better :) Don't leave us hangin'

    jenn :)

  2. Hey! Well, the owner of the museum let me sit in Tucker #1013. It might sound silly, but it was super. I'll call you soon and catch you up on the weirdness.

    I haven't been keeping this up like I should, but it's all good. Work (day job) has been busy enough, but then every night it's freelance, volunteer stuff, and or gym/yoga...I haven't had a free night to just BLOOOOGGGGG!