May 16, 2010

Mystery Bugatti?

I picked up the rest of some old and interesting photos this weekend. Many were parts of series. Already, I had found out some were original photos of a "famous" Cord L-29 and so forth. Below is one of four of a Bugatti racer that has some pretty identifyable markings. That is, if you know what the hell you're looking for.

Can anyone help me out on this? The other photos were of the engine and a full body shot with some young children looking on. It's on a tree-lined, residential street. Photo is printed on Kodak/Velox paper -- so developed in the 50s.

Let's figure this out!


  1. Is it a Type 35?
    By "Identifiable markings" I assume you mean the scoops in the side of the"Bonnet?"

  2. Or 37 or 39 which were all (mostly) the same from the outside. Unfortunately, this isn't as easy to research as the common stuff and it's kinda annoying since a lot of the resources are, you know, European. And I'm starting from scratch here.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will recognize the paint... feel free to shoot this around if you know anyone into Bugatti or these early racers.

  3. Hello Nathalie,
    It is a Bugatti Type 35A Course Imitation "Tecla" , chassis 4541 to be exact.
    I am interested the other photo's you have of the car: can you post them please ?
    Bart, The Netherlands