Feb 10, 2010

Fun Hindu Healing

"Think of your body as the chariot, the senses as the horses, and your mind as the charioteer. Things fall out of balance when we allow the horses to take over. Accidents happen. The mind loses the capacity to stop the senses from causing harm in the form of too much TV, smoking, overeating, staying up late. The more we live our lives driven by the whim of the senses, the more tense and anxious we become. Until we get back into balance, stress just begets more stress."

The above was in a yoga book I received the other day. This passage struck me as I am always finding myself stressed out about something. And I do think it's from, basically, letting the "reins" off my senses/emotions (in this example a disconnect between the charioteer and the horses).

Mind, body & spirt, listen up. You will connect. You will...


  1. Most of the info I get on yoga is the asana-based stuff. I've been trying to get more into the foundation texts. I'll certainly check out the free PDF section of your site. Thanks!

  2. It's been said, "The body is a temple"
    Well, if I have to pick a building, my body is more like a pool hall.

  3. Pick whatever building you want. Just don't pick your nose.