Feb 26, 2010

Sassy on a Snow Day

I spent all day snowed in. You would think I'd have come up with something intelligent to write about.


Just did some reading...

Feb 15, 2010

Photo Finish

While going through some storage boxes under my bed (a favorite thing to do on federal holidays – along with weeding out my sock drawer and closets, and shaving my legs), I came across a very small stack of old, pre-digital camera photographs. This got me thinking as to why I have like 8,000 photos from the past five years and about six photos from the previous 28.

The answer is simple: it’s the delete button!

In the age of the Kodak Easy Share and the Samsung whatever, we have options. When a photo looks like shit – we get rid of it. No money is wasted on film or prints. Gone are the days where you had to drop your 110 film into that weird receptacle at the supermarket and hope for the best (after sealing the self-stick envelope and marking the “doubles” checkbox, of course). Today, we just click, download, and move to the recycle bin if our eyes are half-closed and our chins make us look like one of those dancing snots from the Mucinex commercial.

But it does bother me that years of my life are completely missing from any photo album. Were my pictures that shitty? Eh, who knows. I can’t “undo delete” from 20+ years ago…so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Feb 10, 2010

Fun Hindu Healing

"Think of your body as the chariot, the senses as the horses, and your mind as the charioteer. Things fall out of balance when we allow the horses to take over. Accidents happen. The mind loses the capacity to stop the senses from causing harm in the form of too much TV, smoking, overeating, staying up late. The more we live our lives driven by the whim of the senses, the more tense and anxious we become. Until we get back into balance, stress just begets more stress."

The above was in a yoga book I received the other day. This passage struck me as I am always finding myself stressed out about something. And I do think it's from, basically, letting the "reins" off my senses/emotions (in this example a disconnect between the charioteer and the horses).

Mind, body & spirt, listen up. You will connect. You will...

In Business

It may be a bit before I have material up there that constitutes a portfolio (most of my writing & design is "work product" of current/past employers). But I do have an iron in a small fire.

It keeps me going.