Nov 19, 2009

Joining the Darkside

For years, I SWORE I'd never have a blog or join the "darkside" of social networking. They are mostly tools for, well, tools and usually result in nothing but trouble. I took pride in the fact that when people asked me if I was on MySpace, I'd reply "No, I have a real website." The implication being that I could poke my way through basic HTML rather than simply post bizarre pictures of kittens in birthday hats or pornographically altered images of Gary Coleman and the like. Now that I think about it, I guess that is just the kind of self-important thinking that makes people do this sort of thing (blog)...

But what really pushed me over? Last week, I was on a flight from Newark to Los Angeles when the in-flight film was switched from some Harry Potter bullshit to an even bigger pile of crap, "Julie & Julia." For those of you living under a rock, some dipshit cooked every damn recipe in Julia Child's first cookbook (500+) during the course of a year and...get this...blogged about it. Oh, what a whimsical and creative idea! Throughout the process, she found some kind of meaning in her life, grew to know some form of Julia Child she made up in her head, and GOT A FAT BOOK & FILM DEAL.

So, I got to thinking. Seriously. What am I doing wrong? I cook practically every night and get nothing from it but occasional heartburn. And I write every day (as part of my job) with equal results. Why not start a blog? Perhaps I too can get a start on a "real" writing career. Or, at the very least, have a relationship with an imaginary Rachael Ray.

Oh, the places I'll go.

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